Research outline

Research outline TOR13

MOTUS stands for Modular Online Time-Use Survey. While other time-use research (national and international) is done by using paper and pencil diaries, MOTUS collects diary data through an online platform. The online tool makes it possible to control, store and manage the data in a direct manner and much quicker than before. Unique about MOTUS is its modularity, making it possible to incorporate extra questions into the diary, so that specific activities can be examined in more detail. In TOR13 this feature was used to get more information on activities related to media and transport (e.g. which device(s) they used, etc.).

Technical details

A random sample of Flemings were selected from the National Register and invited by letter to participate in the research. In total, 3.260 Flemings between the age of 18 and 75 kept a diary for one full week. The data collection was spread out across a whole year; it started in January 2013 and lasted until February 2014. 

The development of the tool was made possible by the Hercules-foundation.

Participation in the diary registration meant specifying all activities throughout the day, seven days in a row. Participants were asked to fill in a primary activity, a (possible) secondary activity, a location/mode of transport and with whom they spoke during the activity. Activities were selected from a premade list of activities. 

The technical rapport can be made available on request